A Photo Tribute To Elf

Luckie & Company Presents: A Photo Tribute To Elf

How it works:

  1. Scroll down to find your favorite scene from the movie.
  2. Write down the hashtag, re-enact the scene with some friends and post it to Instagram. (Here's how to make a hat)
  3. Your shot automatically appears here, and Luckie donates another $25 to these children’s charities.

1. After crawling into Santa’s bag as a baby, Buddy just never quite fits in at the North Pole.

Scene 1

2. So Buddy leaves to find his father in New York. He crosses the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, the sea of swirly twirly gum drops and the Lincoln Tunnel.

Scene 2

3. Buddy arrives in NYC, a delightful place filled with taxis, revolving doors, free gum and the world’s best cup of coffee.

Scene 3

4. At the Empire State Building, Buddy visits his dad, Walter. But after an awkward introduction, security escorts him out.

Scene 4

5. With nowhere to go, Buddy walks into Gimbels department store, where he fits right in and spends all night decorating for Santa’s morning visit.

Scene 5

6. Buddy quickly falls for his beautiful coworker Jovie, but he makes a bad impression with the rest by attacking the store Santa for being a fake.

Scene 6

7. Buddy’s dad bails him out of jail and takes him to the doctor for a paternity test, which shows they are definitely father and son.

Scene 7

8. Walter agrees to take Buddy home, where they enjoy a spaghetti dinner with a dab of syrup and Buddy tries to fit into the family.

Scene 8

9. Buddy saves his brother from a vicious snowball ambush, and they pick out the perfect Christmas tree for the apartment.

Scene 9

10. Joining Walter at work, Buddy’s restlessness lands him a job in the mailroom, where he adds alcohol and table dancing to his list of new experiences.

Scene 10

11. On his first date with Jovie, Buddy surprises her with the world’s best cup of coffee, and she surprises him with a visit to Rockefeller Center.

Scene 11

12. In a meeting with legendary author Miles Finch, Buddy confuses the short-but-imposing man for an elf. An epic beatdown ensues.

Scene 12

13. A distraught Buddy wanders to Central Park, where he helps repair Santa’s damaged sleigh while Jovie rallies the crowd with Christmas carols.

Scene 13

14. Jovie and Buddy live a happy life together with their new baby, while Walter enjoys the best-selling success of Buddy’s life story, “Elf.”

Scene 14

Happy Holidays From all the digital storytelling elves at Luckie & Company

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